Rudyard Partners

A Next Generation Family Investment Office

Our focus remains on emerging technology or consumer products that creates an unsurpassable user experience. Our advantage is our understanding of the media and communications marketplace, product design, innovation generation, and market attack. We are advising and investing in new category killers and launching extraordinary companies. The more innovative the opportunity, the better we are at identifying the market proposition and positioning the technology for it.

We choose companies that have created the genesis of a new business, yet seek support in market development, product planning, and commercial launch. We are typically asked to advise such promising companies before and alongside institutional investors.
- Matthew Growney

Rudyard Partners is only committed to the creation, development, and implementation of early stage investments.

The team at Rudyard Partners has deep experience in the early stage ‘new idea’ market. They have invested in over one hundred early stage companies since the late nineties. They have launched numerous new business models, established hundreds of strategic and commercial relationships, and achieved many profitable exits (mergers & acquisitions and IPO’s). The team has also been directly involved with the invention, design, development, and launch of unique products serving¬†hundreds of millions of users.